Magical Readathon Winter Edition Update!

I’m not done with The Starless Sea but Chapter Two is unlocked and I wanted to investigate. I started from the Burrow, chose to hang back with Ron, we couldn’t get on the train, and we chose to wait for his parents. So I’ll be reading a book with an orange cover, Snazzy Cat Capers: […]

Magical Readathon Winter Edition!

We’re saving Ginny! So this Magical Readathon edition is a little different. The prompts we get are based on the choices we make and the “chapters” unlock week by week instead of all at once. (Here’s the announcement video for more information.) (Here’s the website, chapter one is unlocked.) With this first chapter we decide […]


I’ve been having a lot of fun getting options on hold at my library. Lots of the prompts have multiple ones I could choose and it would fit. That said, I’ve only nailed down my choices for Astronomy. For Acceptable I’m going with When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore. For Exceeds Expectations I’m […]

The NEWTs Are Coming!!!

I was going to wait until the last week in July when I planned to put my TBR together but I didn’t want to wait until then to write about the readathon itself. The NEWTs readathon is linked to the OWLs readathon that happened in April. And I did all the prompts for the OWLs […]

Asian Readathon TBR!

Read with Cindy announced that she’d be hosting an Asian readathon for all of May and I didn’t want to pass up the chance to participate (check out her video for more details). I read a lot of manga but there are books I’ve been meaning to read and some I’ve been meaning to finish. […]

Tome Topple Round 8 TBR!

Tome Topple Round 8 is happening April 13th through the 26th. (For more details check out Sam’s announcement video.) This time I decided to focus on my OWLs TBR and there’s only one book over 500 pages: Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Part One. This is one of the classics I’ve been meaning to start […]

Magical Readathon: OWL’s TBR!

The OWL’s Readathon is happening again throughout April and I’m pretty excited! I’ve also had fun checking out other people’s TBRs. Here’s the Book Roast’s announcement video for more details. These are the classes and books I’d like to do in order of how excited I am about the book. Astronomy – The Calculating Stars […]

Contemporary-A-Thon TBR

Contemporary-A-Thon Round 4 is February 11th through the 17th (here’s ChelseaDolling Reads announcement video). I did a previous post about contemporary books I wanted to read in February but this post is about matching books to challenges. There are seven challenges! For most recently acquired (from the library): Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott (we […]

Tome Infinity and Beyond Round 2 TBR

Tome Infinity and Beyond Round 2 is happening throughout the month of January! This time we need to rebuild humanity now that we’ve escaped Earth. I decided I’m on Saturn. While I didn’t finish Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow within the Round 1’s time limit, I did finish it the next day. But I […]

Christmas at Hogwarts TBR!

I wasn’t going to participate in any readathons in December… Until the Book Roast announced that she was doing another Magical Readathon! (Here’s her announcement video for more information.) But I’ve decided to be strategic with my TBR this time. I plan on getting all these books done because they are all fairly short. For […]