A Bewitching Green Tea Recap: November 2, 2020

I haven’t posted on multiple blogs in a while! On Green Tea Librarian I presented multiple reviews of first volumes of manga: Beastars, Demon Slayer, and Graineliers. Then I reviewed Cemetery Boys, Descendant of the Crane, Dim Sum of All Fears, and Transcendent Kingdom. On Bewitching Writer I announced my NaNoWriMo project and wrote about […]

Green Tea and Solstice Recap: June 29, 2020

On Green Tea Librarian: I reviewed Batman: Nightwalker, the Graphic Novel. I did two quotes (from …Birdie Bloom and Angelic Layer). I reflected on Quarter 2 and made plans for Quarter 3. I also did speculative fiction recommendations for Top Ten Tuesday and then did a follow-up post with some science fiction recommendations. On Solstice […]

Green Tea and Solstice Recap: May 11, 2020

On Green Tea Librarian: I did a Top Ten Tuesday about a bookish party (with and without magic) plus I presented my Tome Topple Round 11 TBR. I did reviews for Given Vol. 1, Altair: A Record of Battles Vol. 1, Chihayafuru Vol. 1, and Peasprout Chen: Future Legend of Skate and Sword. On Solstice […]

The Bewitching Solstice Green Tea Recap: May 4, 2020

On Green Tea Librarian: I presented my May TBR. Plus a few reviews: Storm Glass, The Orchid Affair, Defy the Worlds, The Heroic Legend of Arslan Vol. 1, and Wotakoi Vol. 2. On Solstice Enthusiast: I presented my thoughts on Hawaii Five-0  Season 5. On Bewitching Writer: I’ve completed my April project! Lucky Almost I […]