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Old Rating System

Why did I pick 11? I’ll explain.

The highest trio of ratings: this is the outstanding category. Typically it revolves around whether or not this is a reread and how I felt when I originally read it versus how I feel now.

11 – I’ve reread this (potentially multiple times), loved it the first time, and I love it now (possibly even more than when I read it the first time).

10 – I loved it the first time and upon rereading it, I still love it but I acknowledge there are flaws (plot, character, prose, etc). It is also possible I didn’t love it the first time I read it but upon rereading it, I adore it.

9 – I really liked this and would like to read it again, perhaps immediately.

Next trio down: exceeds expectations

8 – I thought this was fabulous but I don’t think I’ll reread it.

7 – This still exceeds expectations but there wasn’t quite enough to make it fabulous.

6 – It still exceeds expectations and there were some higher valued likes but there was at least one highly valued dislike. Or one highly valued like that outweighed some lighter valued dislikes.

Next trio down: average, usually I’m comparing it to other books by the same author, in its age category, and its genre.

5 – The good outweighed the bad

4 – Good and bad are even or pretty close.

3 – Bad outweighs good but the good was enough to put this in the average trio rather than lower.

Then we have the not nice tasting tea.

2 cups of drinkable but unpleasant tea – I disliked this but didn’t hate it.

1 cup of tea mixed with the dirty mop water at the end of the night when I worked at a fast food restaurant – I actively hate this.