Review: The Nature of Fragile Things

The Nature of Fragile Things by Susan Meissner Berkley, 2021 Adult Historical Fiction 5 cups of tea out of 11 Summary: Sophie decides to answer Martin’s advertisement in the paper. She moves from New York to San Francisco to be his new wife and mother to his daughter. But Martin is not what he seems. […]

Review: Angel in a Devil’s Arms

Angel in a Devil’s Arms The Palace of Rogues, book 2 by Julie Anne Long Avon, 2019 Adult Historical Romance Summary: Angelique is tough and clever. Life hasn’t been kind until she and Lady Derring went into the boardinghouse business together. They live comfortably, she has her routines. Then the illegitimate son of a Duke […]

Review: Enchantée

Enchantée (Altnerative title: All That Glitters) by Gita Trelease Flatiron Books, 2019 YA Historical Fantasy Summary: Camille and Sophie are in harder and harder conditions. Their father’s printing business went under because he started printing revolutionary pamphlets on the side and his aristocratic clients were not happy when they found out. Then their parents die […]

Review: Pachinko

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee Grand Central Publishing, 2017 Adult Literary Historical Fiction Summary: This follows generations of a Korean family who eventually live in Japan. Likes: Sunja anchors the story but she isn’t the only interesting character. It is also important to depict the complexities of the relationship between Korea and Japan. Plus the […]

Review: Mistress of the Art of Death

Mistress of the Art of Death 1st in the series by Ariana Franklin G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2007 Adult Historical Murder Mystery 8 cups of tea out of 11 Summary: Children are being brutally murdered and the Jews in England are being accused. King Henry II wants the truth so he summons two doctors from […]

Review: The Passion of the Purple Plumeria

The Passion of the Purple Plumeria 10th in the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig New American Library, 2013 Adult Historical Adventure Romance 8 cups of tea out of 11 Summary: Gwendolyn Meadows has been Jane’s chaperone and Pink Carnation cohort in France for a few years when Jane’s sister goes missing. She meets Colonel […]

Review: The Mirror and the Light

The Mirror and the Light 3rd in the series by Hilary Mantel Henry Holt and Company, 2020 Adult Historical Fiction 8 cups of tea out of 11 Summary: *Can you spoil this if you know the history surrounding Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell?* These are the last years of Cromwell’s service to the king. There’s […]

Nonfiction Note: Money

Money in Italy during the Renaissance, not a topic I thought I’d write about but I found it interesting in the introduction to The Family Medici by Mary Hollingsworth. In Florence, lira were the silver-based coinage for everyday purchases. Florins (gold coinage) were used for bigger financial stuff, like dowries and international trade (9). The […]

Review: The Garden Intrigue

The Garden Intrigue 9th in the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig Dutton, 2012 Adult Historical Adventure Romance 8 cups of tea out of 11 Summary: Augustus Whittlesby, ridiculous poet and secret agent, must work with the American, Emma Delagardie, to create a masque and find out about a secret weapon being tested. Likes: There […]