Kushiel’s Avatar Readalong: Week 4

This post covers chapters 52 through 68.

Imyril is hosting and Mayri, Book Forager, has the questions.

The death of the Mahrkagir and the subsequent escape from Daršanga is a terrifying and bloody end to Phèdre’s Drujan ordeal. How’s everyone doing now?

Oh wow this took a lot out of me but I really wanted to get to this part after all the not fun stuff in the previous section. It was not an easy win and there is still healing to do but it was a win. They were able to work together to get out. But we lost a lot of people along the way. Losing Erich and Rushad was hard. I did try to console myself like Phèdre that Erich died fighting, which mattered a lot to him, and even though Rushad was not a warrior, he died helping his friend. Drucilla’s death was also hard because she’d tried to take care of everyone as best she could. She is even trying to take care of Phèdre in her last moments. It did give me joy though to see Imriel connecting with Phèdre and Joscelin. When he cries in her arms it is such a beautiful, vulnerable moment. And also him being so proud of Joscelin and his fighting skills.

“Some things, once broken, can never be made whole again.”

I love the angst.

“The boy could be dangerous. Or he could be something else.”

I love the analysis of Imriel’s deception so that he can come with them. Melisande did a similar switch with her relative. But Phèdre points out that Melisande did it to get out of punishment and didn’t care who got hurt. Imriel did it out of love for them. Plus Phèdre and Joscelin love him too. Phèdre acknowledges how he is like his mother but also how he is wholly himself and the potential he has.

Valère L’Envers

She is taking after her dad and her father in law here. Imriel is a threat to Ysandre’s reign. He could also interfere with the line of succession. And he could be Melisande’s anchor for further traitorous plans.

Other thoughts?

I like that Phèdre is seeing beauty in the world again. To be fair, Drujan wasn’t a pretty place, but how she is appreciating the sights and sounds around her more and more shows that she is healing bit by bit.

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