The Darkest Road Readalong, Week Two

Imyril has the questions this week!

Would you try to win Darien over or set him free to choose? What do you make of the various reactions towards Darien and his actions?

Kim loses points again. She sends Darien at Jennifer expecting a whole lot from her. I love Jennifer in this moment. She calls out Kim and she tells Darien that she isn’t going to bind him to her will and that he is free to make his own choices. This is particularly poignant because she totally could have manipulated him in this moment. If I had been there I probably would have been off to the side, sitting on a boulder maybe, munching on some of these seasonal treats I buy way too many boxes of. Children scare me a bit in general. My usual tactic with kids is to try and listen to them and talk to them about what they want to talk about. While also getting them to use their manners in a nice way. Distraction can also work. But back to Darien, he wants a place and identity but no one can truly give that to him. Jennifer is the only one who seems to understand that.

Thoughts on the love triangle trope and this specific trio? And now that we’ve seen Lancelot in action, reaction shots are Go.

I actually don’t mind the love triangle. It happened all the time during my teenage years. This trio is an old love triangle (correct me if I’m wrong, but the French added this?). Jennifer sending Lancelot to protect her child is an interesting plot choice. She is sort of choosing Arthur but he and the rest of us know that she is psychically keeping track of Lancelot. I didn’t want to love Lancelot but I totally do. He really stands up for Darien and Jennifer here. He doesn’t give up. Although I do dock him points for being tedious about the technicalities of single combat. I’m with Taliesin.

Jaelle has warmed up since Maidaladan. Any thoughts on our formerly icy High Priestess and her actions?

I like that Jaelle has a fondness for Leila and it feels like she’s making friends. I like the conversations she has with Paul. They have conflict but they also tend to be insightful.

Based on the evidence, do you think any andain have sensible relationships with their parents? Or a handle on their feelings?

The level of dysfunction reminds me of many mythologies but also the aristocracy of Europe during the Renaissance. They are related but the love is limited to nonexistent. Cernan was already checking out of the conversation with Galadan and Taliesin because he was eager to be with his lover. We are talking about the future of the world here.

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