The Wandering Fire Readalong, Week Two

Week Two’s questions come from Ariana at the Book Nook.

Everyone has now met King Arthur! What do you make of this legend out of time now that he’s had a bit more page-time and of the revelation about Jennifer?

I really like King Arthur. He’s calm or passionate when he needs to be. He’s a little bit of a father figure. But I am struggling with how many characters we have at this stage. This is a middle book where everything is getting thrown at the wall to see what sticks? Set up for the next book? Maybe when I read the third I’ll understand but right now it’s like, “He’s cool but what’s the point?” In a way that is similar to the revelation about Jennifer. I did think of her as a Guinevere figure (Jaelle as Morgan Le Fay). I chuckled when Arthur said she was his love reborn. I am curious about who will play Lancelot but once again… does this matter? I hope so. Right now it feels like a factoid someone dropped at a party.

What did you make of Maidaladan and all that came with it?

Loren and Kim… maybe I missed something… Or a lot because I didn’t see that pairing coming. I hesitantly say I like Sharra and the prince getting a moment. This does remind me of past depictions of Beltane. I also find it interesting to see Kevin interacting with a version of the goddess as she turns from winter crone to maiden to woman which has also been part of Beltane and other seasonal traditions.

We need to talk about Kevin.

I feel bad but I’m not feeling this sacrifice like I did with Paul. But I do kind of think of him as a summer child and it makes sense that he is the one to help fight winter. I don’t know what I want though. Do I want him to come back? Maybe, if it matters.

Any other musings?

Poor Darien. Seeing these scenes with Finn, I want him back. I didn’t sympathize as much as I could have with that one girl who played that game. It didn’t feel like love, possession. I was more with Jennifer, not because of her age but more the maturity level.


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