Readalong: The Wandering Fire, Week 1

We begin the sequel to The Summer Tree this month. It is an intense beginning.

The questions come from Imyril and they cover chapters one through six.

What do you make of Jennifer’s decisions regarding Darien and what do you think happened to him?

I’m worried about Darien. I’m worried the scary Ice Queen has taken him and murdered the nice family. But I’m also hoping that they left somehow, especially with the one kid being called to the road or something. I am wondering if Darien will be playing the role of Mordred.

I am not fond of Jennifer being pregnant with Maugrim’s spawn. That is a fantasy trope I haven’t enjoyed in the past. Also, it felt like Loren knew this was an option when he brought Jennifer over. I like her logical approach to it. She decides to have the baby because she is pretty sure that Maugrim didn’t mean for her to survive. But it also seems like she is trying to find a purpose.

I’m not a fan of Kim enabling Kevin. Jennifer shouldn’t have to care about his precious feelings and that he brought flowers. She doesn’t owe him anything in general and I’ve never gotten the impression they had an actual relationship. They’ve had sex, he’s had sex with multiple women so far. But I’m just not fond of Kevin. I kind of agree with a bunch of his thoughts about being useless to the narrative right now.

I like that Paul decides to take Jennifer to an art exhibit. I support that show of friendship.

What are your thoughts on the magic systems of Fionavar?

The consistent thread seems to be that power has to come from somewhere. Like Imyril says in their post, a price must be paid. I do enjoy that type of magic system. Rereading Tangled Webs recently, this is a huge part of how the power is balanced.

Gods and supernatural forces are involved, which can make things chaotic but it helps with making things less predictable.

Although, things might get awkward later. Will things happen conveniently without development or precedent? We will see.

How do you feel about the blending of fictional and folkloric inspiration? First time readers – any predictions for what this may mean for the story?

I am conflicted about King Arthur. I’m happy to see him but I’m also worried because this book already has a bunch of characters, multiple leaders who struggle to work together (including two royal brothers), and I was thinking Darien might play this role.

I love a good ice queen and a long winter. It is a hard problem to solve.

This has been an engaging beginning. So far I’m liking this more than the first book. We’ll see how it goes from here.

6 thoughts on “Readalong: The Wandering Fire, Week 1

  1. imyril @ There's Always Room For One More says:

    Oh gosh yes I get frustrated with the expectation that Jennifer will acknowledge and tiptoe around other peoples feelings about what happened to her. Dudes, no. This is not about you and she doesn’t have to make you feel better about anything.

    I’m with you in always having a moment of excitement for a magical winter and an ice queen!

    I can say nothing about Darien, only waggle my eyebrows a lot 😀

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