Wyrd and Wonder Readalong: The Summer Tree, Week 4

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Imyril is hosting the readalong and Mayri provided the questions.

We are on the last chunk of this book!

Paul is now the Lord of the Summer Tree what do you think this means/will mean?

I kind of predicted this. I am happy Paul isn’t dead. He’s got a bit of the god inside him it sounds like in addition to the powers. That sounds interesting but there is potential for this to make me cringe. If a god is inside him that means they aren’t distantly moving chess pieces around, they are on the board. Will this make him arrogant? I’m not a fan of that character trait, especially if it isn’t addressed.

Each of our grad students has found a role to play in Fionavar, most questionably Jennifer. What are your thoughts and feelings on her plight?

I’m pretty angry at Loren allowing this to happen. He predicted that this would be her role, because she’s a beautiful woman. She also had no consent in this role, unlike everyone else. And I am questioning plus I’m worried how this will all be handled in the second book. Thank goodness for Kim. I wish we’d gotten more of their friendship in the beginning. Their relationship actually matters in the moment.

What did you make of the many events in the throne room, from the assassination attempt to the showdown for the crown?

The brother interaction is very interesting. Older brother threatens death but also uses the crown to save younger brother when he is actually threatened. I do like that this changed the scene. I like that older chump is king and that he has his younger brother’s support. They need each other. I did find Sharra’s assassination attempt a little silly. I don’t think this was the right plan. I much prefer that Kim and Sharra throw water at younger chump when he tries to get into her room.

Time to air your opinions on such things as flying unicorns, getting lost in the woods, the cave of the sleepers, magic horns, and unearthed cauldrons.

This is fun. We are pulling some classic fantasy blocks together: fairy tales, Greek myth, Welsh myth, Arthurian legend. I definitely thought of The Dark Is Rising and The Black Cauldron too when reading.

The Dwarves did it, in the darkness, with the cauldron! What do you make of this revelation?

I figured something had gone wrong with the Dwarves. I wasn’t sure if it was why he left or if it happened because he left. I didn’t predict that they were the reason the Unraveller broke free. Are they going to summon an army of the undead now?

Finally, reaction shots on Maugrim the Unraveller – go!

Well, ew. But also, I’m not impressed. He’s a whole list of villainous cliches, but I do want him crushed. I want the heroes to win. So he serves some purpose here.

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