Wyrd and Wonder Readalong: The Darkest Part of the Forest, Week 4

The readalong is hosted by and the questions came from Lisa.

It’s the last section of reading!

Let’s talk about the reveal of Ainsel’s identity! Did this surprise you?

It did! I wasn’t sure what to make of Hazel’s other personality. I wasn’t sure how separated they’d be. It does feel very like a double agent scenario which is interesting.

How do you feel about Jack’s decision to stay in Fairfold (and defy his Fae mother)?

It did remind me a little of how the love triangle was resolved in Vampire Knight. I like solutions where people get to have all the options eventually. It is a romantic and practical choice for someone who will probably live an eternity.

Overall, how do you feel about the ending, and about the pacing of these final chapters compared to the rest of the book?

A couple of the other questions feel nested under this one for me. The other Hazel’s plot felt a bit flimsy. So many things could go wrong, but I admire the effort and cleverness. I feel like we rushed through this though so we didn’t get a full appreciation of the plan. I don’t feel like Severin and Ben had enough time. Yes, Ben was talking to him while he was in the coffin but they weren’t talking to each other. I want them to be together but I’m not sure I buy a depth of emotion this quickly. I also felt like the setup was so elaborate. I would have liked more page time for the plans, the relationships, and the payoff.

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