Wyrd and Wonder Readalong: The Darkest Part of the Forest, Week 3

The readalong is hosted by Lisa and the questions this week come from Mayri.

Week three covers chapters twelve through eighteen.

Our knight and her company have encountered the monster from the heart of the woods and learnt her stories. Thoughts? Feelings?

It was nice to get an explanation of her catch phrase. I do feel bad though because her grief is firmly being used by the father who directed her brother to kill her husband.

“You always knew this was real, didn’t you? … How can you stand it?” Let’s talk a bit more about that “double consciousness” hmmm?

Is this a situation like with Alaric in Vampire Diaries? Do we have to knock her out to awaken the other her and find the sword? Those people being turned into picnic tables takes on an even more sinister tone because it was probably her other self? Goodness, this does complicate things. Although it doesn’t really seem like Hazel. I guess I want a bit more time with this other version.

We need to talk about Jack, like right now! How do you feel about his position in Fairfold? Do you think Jack can have a happy ending?

Jack’s mom lost points and then she gained them back and then some. Those people were cowards. I hope he gets a happy ending. I like him a lot and I’m warming up to him and Hazel.

Be careful what you wish for! Hazel is a knight and Ben might end up with his prince. Let’s discuss wish fulfillment and the Folk.

I’m worried about Ben and the prince. He was pretty savage with Ben and Hazel at first. I imagine he still has an agenda and they might be collateral damage. Jack and Hazel have had crushes on each other for a while. They might have a chance or it might go very badly for both of them. But we only have one week left… how is this all going to go?

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