Wyrd and Wonder Readalong: The Darkest Part of the Forest, Week 2

This readalong is hosted by Lisa at Dear Geek Place and the questions were provided by Ariana of Book Nook Reviews.

Week two covers chapters 6 through 11!

How are we feeling about Hazel, Ben, and Jack’s dynamic?

I like that we are getting more about Jack in this section. How he straddles two worlds and struggles in both. I like the friendship between him and Ben, the few glimpses we get. Him and Hazel I’m a bit conflicted about because it sounds like they’ve both had a crush on each other off and on for years and they’ve never spoken about it. So I need some more interactions between them.

Will Ben and Hazel’s relationship survive intact?

Since it is already broken, this is a tricky question. They have serious communication issues between them. But their interactions still give me hope. Yes, they are broken but clearly they still want to protect the other. They clearly love each other. I don’t think anyone is getting out of this situation unscathed.

First impressions of Severin?

Oh my goodness, Severin has a lot of expectations to live up to. He is a major showpiece in the beginning. And all the characters and readers were speculating what he’d be like if he ever woke up. He does seem morally grey. He has been locked up for a while but the fae live forever if not interfered with so time is different. Despite myself, I loved how he played Ben and Hazel. He is so brutal. Still a lot of questions though and I’m slightly concerned that he’ll lose me by the end. We’ll see.

“The city’s a lot like the deep, dark fairy-tale woods of Fairfold, right?” Ben asks Hazel in a flashback scene. What do you make of this comparison and its implications?

And now “Welcome to the Jungle” is playing in my mind. Fairfold has a lot of unknowns in the woods. The fae are not very nice. Moving to a new city can be very intimidating at first and people may not have powers like the fae but they can be dangerous too. Besides the numerous violent individuals who can cause physical harm there are people who can break your heart. On the other hand, cities can be quite entrancing and both can lure you in. If you’re not prepared both can be difficult to survive let alone thrive in.

Other thoughts?

Oh my goodness, what happened to the sword? Also, that’s super interesting that it was Severin’s sword originally.

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