Wyrd and Wonder Readalong: The Darkest Part of the Forest, Week 1

Week one for The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black readathon covers chapters one through five. The readalong is hosted by Lisa of Dear Geek Place and they have the first set of questions.

All is fair in Fairfold, or is it? What are your thoughts on their way of life in their bubble? What do you think of the folk, both fair or mundane?

I like this way of depicting the fae. I find myself connecting to the creepy, tricky, and sometimes beautiful depiction. Very interesting. Also, way to go Carter and Jack’s mom for protecting both of them. The setup with the tourists and new to town people feels like a similar setup to Morganville. The vampires can’t prey on the citizens of Morganville who are under protection but they can take a portion of the college kids who come from outside.

We need to talk about Hazel. How much trouble do you think she is about to get into? Also, how much trouble is she going to be responsible for?

I expect so much trouble. When it’s revealed that she made this deal and that she didn’t negotiate very well and her brother doesn’t play music anymore… I’m concerned but also excited to see what will happen. Also, she busted open the coffin. But clearly she was meant to. Other people had tried over the years and gotten cursed. I’m wondering if the name is the name of the horned prince. Is he going to be the leader of a faction and he uses Hazel and her brother to take over? I don’t feel like she is that responsible. She was a child when she made the deal. The fae are tricky and eternal, they have a huge advantage. But she has kept this all inside this whole time. She will probably need help to solve the problems ahead, I imagine.

Parenthood. Speaking of Hazel, let’s talk about her and Ben’s parents. Are they simply misguided romantics, or do you think they’re bad parents?

This is a tricky one. They do feel a bit irresponsible. Reading about the trouble Hazel has already gotten into, they seem fairly neglectful. Maybe they naively believe their kids are protected because they are from Fairfold? The story with Jack and Carter though should tell them that sometimes they have to redraw the lines with the fae. They’ve also created a situation where Hazel doesn’t feel like she can go to them for help. She goes to the fae first.

I’m liking this a lot so far! I’m excited to see where it goes.

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