Review: QQ Sweeper Vols. 1-3

QQ Sweeper, Vols. 1-3

by Kyousuke Motomi

Summary: Kyutaro is in charge of cleaning at school, not just physically though. Sometimes a supernatural infestation occurs and he’s the man to cleanse the situation. When Fumi transfers in things get complicated. She’s clearly different but is she really cursed?

Likes: I like how they build the world of the mind. There are gates that lead to the theoretical connected mind of humanity and then doors lead to individual minds. I also found the cleaning oddly satisfying. Motomi continues to do amazing, angsty romance. I love these two characters individually and together.

Dislikes: I’m not sold on her predicted superpower. I am worried about her being an overpowered protagonist.

Overall when I finished Dengeki Daisy I looked to see what else Kyousuke Motomi had created. I’d heard about Queen’s Quality somewhere and then in multiple reviews people said to read these three volumes first because they set up the series. So glad I heeded that advice. Now I’m off to read the first Queen’s Quality volume.

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