Review: Dengeki Daisy Series

Dengeki Daisy 1-16

by Kyousuke Motomi

Summary: Teru’s brother dies after leaving her a cell phone and telling her that she can depend on Daisy. Things get complicated though after she breaks a window and Daisy’s hacker past starts affecting her life too.

Likes: I love so many of the characters. I love the two leads because they have a lot of attitude but they are also sensitive and have weaknesses. I also like a bunch of the supporting friends. It was good to see both leads interacting with each other but also their friends. I am also here for the angsty, slow-burn romance. Their bonding moments make me squeal. Getting to know her brother in flashbacks was also a lot of fun.

Dislikes: The computer hacking related elements eventually take over the plot and it is a little frustrating because those are the weakest parts. It does feel like that was not planned. From volume to volume the reader is meant to be kept guessing but it just leads to more and more ridiculousness, especially the ghostly return of a character to give humor and important information.

Overall if you aren’t into age-gap romance in shojo manga, this one may not be for you. If you like Takane and Hana, especially their contentious relationship, this one might be a good option. Also if you like sassy leads like I do, this will be for you.

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