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The first full week of 2022… how many times did I do the year incorrectly in my journal? Twice. That’s not terrible.

A musical note (*chortle*): I listened to the original soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII and then I’ve been listening to the soundtrack for the remake (I’ve played neither version of the game). The remake clearly takes themes from the original and then expands on them. It’s delightful.

But onto the books!

Let’s start with the least fun. I’ve finally finished the Katherine of Aragon section of Weir’s Six Wives of Henry the VIII. This took longer than anticipated because I found myself making a lot of irritated notes. When I finally finish this book and review it, there may be a bunch of these notes. But now I can move along to Fraser’s book next week. We’ll see how that goes.

Jade Legacy by Fonda Lee has really been keeping me on my toes. These characters are not always the best people but they are so fascinating. Also tigers were mentioned.

The Outlaws of Sherwood by McKinley has a smaller scope but there are some interesting dynamics as Robin Hood tries to be responsible for a growing band of outlaws. I’d say the pace is relatively slow but I’m still enjoying it.

My next poetry book is by Rainer Maria Rilke, specifically his collection of French poems. He was born in Prague and then lived in France, among other places. The reason I picked this up at the used bookstore is because a few of his rose poems were used in Lauridsen’s “Les Chansons des Roses,” (No. 5 “Dirait-on” is a particular favorite). I like that this collection has the English translation and original French (translated by A. Poulin, Jr.).

What have you been reading this weekend?

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