A Month of Faves: Best Moments of 2021

A Month of Faves is hosted by Kim and Tanya at girlxoxo.com.

Today it’s about the best moments of the year. A character recently said that it was sometimes the simple things that make life worth living. Some of these are very simple.

I have a planning system that currently works for me. It has been a slight saga over the past couple years (basically since I graduated college) to find planners that would be what I wanted. And for the past couple of quarters I’ve been using two that are working really well: the Clever Fox Daily Pro and the Happy Planner classic size, vertical layout.

My sibling and I have started playing Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and it has been really intense. I’ve been crying and laughing for the past couple days.

The Popsugar Reading Challenge prompts for 2022 have come out.

I had a particularly delightful Halloween season this year.

I also started using Spotify this year. I just got my first set of stats.

What are some simple things that have delighted you this year?

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