Review: Prince Freya Vol. 1

Prince Freya, Vol. 1

by Keiko Ishihara

VIZ Media, 2020

Summary: Freya lives in a small village with her mom. Aaron and Alek were taken in by them when they were younger and they go on to work for Prince Edvard of Tyr as soldiers. Aaron becomes a knight and Alek is a soldier. But Prince Edvard gets poisoned and since Freya looks like him she is asked to pretend to be him.

Likes: I really like Freya. She is a sensitive crybaby but she is caring and brave when it counts. I also like Aaron and Alek. They have good contrasting personalities and I like the challenges they are facing in this volume. There is a lot of good potential here. I like that politics are complicated and there are a bunch of things that could go wrong.

Dislikes: I want to believe Freya pretending to be Edvard but unless she absorbed him somehow there is so much I don’t think she’d know or be able to do without some sort of education or extensive interaction with the prince. Maybe as the series progresses we’ll get answers. Or I’ll just have to suspend disbelief. Julius is so smarmy.

Overall I want to continue the series. I am interested in what is going to happen but I’m also wary because there is potential for an awkward level of ridiculous. I am rooting for Alek and Freya though.

4 thoughts on “Review: Prince Freya Vol. 1

  1. alsmangablog says:

    Freya’s incredible acting does seem to be a conceit of the narrative that you just have to accept in order to enjoy it. Kind of like her super jumping ability. These are just things she can do, I guess. Once you get past that, the story is a lot of fun. With all of it’s action and political intrigue, this has become one of my favourite shojo series.

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    1. Rachael says:

      That’s good to know. I find the complexity of it really interesting. Also, there’s a death I was not expecting in the first volume and it affected me. Alek and Freya reacting to it also helped me bond with them.

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