Review: Defy the Night

Defy the Night

by Brigid Kemmerer

Bloomsbury, 2021

YA Fantasy

Summary: An illness is killing the people and there is only one cure. Unfortunately, the supply is tightly controlled and only the rich can afford it. Also, the rich are taking too much. Tessa and Wes steal what they can and make solutions for those who can’t afford it. Corrick and the king are trying to hold the kingdom together after their parents were assassinated.

Likes: So much angst, I adored it. I also like how complicated the situation was. Everyone had an explanation for being on different sides. I also like how complicated Corrick’s relationship with his brother is. They love each other but his older brother is also the king.

Dislikes: I wish we’d been shown more of Wes and Tessa’s adventures, being told had less impact.

Overall this one felt like a standalone. Not everything was solved but clearly they were moving towards positive outcomes. I enjoyed this.

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