The Roses of May

2nd in the series

by Dot Hutchison

Thomas and Mercer, 2017

Adult Thriller

Summary: This isn’t a continuation of the story in The Butterfly Garden. This is a new situation with a different serial killer but it features the same FBI team and there are characters and events related to the first book throughout. Priya’s sister was murdered by a serial killer in a church and flowers were placed around her body. Years later, Priya and her mom start getting flowers delivered to their doorstep that match the ones the killer placed around his previous victims.

Likes: I liked the FBI team in the previous book, I like them even more in this one. We get to see a few more sides to them, not just be told about them. I also really like Priya and her mom. They are fierce and fabulous. Plus we also get to see hints of what is happening with characters from the previous book. Some of the events are positive and some are not. I was nervous and sad but I also laughed. There are also multiple points made about political road blocks and the justice system being complicated which is in contrast to what we might expect from the shows we watch.

Dislikes: When the one FBI supervisor person makes it hard for the other agents to do their job and actually protect Priya and her mom, that’s frustrating.

Overall I hesitated to read this one because I wasn’t sure how it would compare to the first. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a little scary but also very interesting. The psychology involved was pretty solid still. One of the main reasons I liked the first. I’m nervous to read the next book but I’m also excited.

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