Savage Lover

3rd in the Brutal Birthright series

by Sophie Lark

Adult Romance

Summary: Nero Gallo is the wild and unpredictable sibling. Camille works at her dad’s auto shop. When her brother gets caught with a bag of drugs, she makes a deal with the cop. Things get complicated when Nero gets involved.

Likes: Nero and Camille did feel plausible. They got to know each other a little and they do have things in common, especially cars. I really like Camille. She works really hard and she loves her family. There’s also a heist.

Dislikes: The first sex scene is without protection and Nero internally justifies it. It should have been a discussion between them.

Overall of the three books in this series so far I thought this couple worked the best. Nero still isn’t my favorite but I liked getting to know him better in this one. I am a little more excited for the next book.

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