Review: Spy x Family Vol. 2

Spy x Family, Vol. 2

by Tatsuya Endo

Shonen Jump, 2019

Summary: I will spoil the previous volume but I will try not to spoil this one. Anya gets into the fancy school but the challenges aren’t over. She has to make friends with the kids in her class and she has to get good grades. Also, Loid needs to meet Yor’s brother.

Likes: I love how there are so willing to support each other. They do have complicated motivations but there are some genuine bonds being formed. Yor’s brother is also complicated. I find him scary but also endearing. Making friends is hard, I’m kind of proud of Anya for trying. I also liked the bonus story where they go to the aquarium.

Dislikes: I’m nervous. Higher stakes have been introduced, especially if Twilight is found out. But I’m worried that the ridiculousness might go up too high in response.

Overall I really liked this volume too so I’m excited to continue.

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