Review: Spy x Family Vol. 1

Spy x Family, Vol. 1

by Tatsuya Endo

Shonen Jump, 2019

Summary: Agent Twilight’s mission is to get information from a man who is a bit of recluse. He only leaves his house to go to his child’s school. So Twilight has to adopt a kid and get them into school. Along the way though they also need a wife. The woman he picks happens to be an assassin. And the only one who knows is the kid, Anya, because she’s a telepath.

Likes: I liked all three characters right away. They are all quite quirky. Together they have chemistry and get rather attached despite themselves. It’s also very funny. There is some ridiculousness but it works. I’m rooting for all three of them.

Dislikes: There is potential for this to become too ridiculous. The premise is that they are all three keeping secrets from each other. But all three of them have abilities that should make it impossible. Being observant is part of being an assassin or spy. But I’m willing to go along with it for now because they are so cute together.

Overall I’m excited to read the next volume. It’s also been fun because a bunch of us at the library have been reading it.

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