Review: Tokyo Ever After

Tokyo Ever After

by Emiko Jean

Flatiron Books, 2021

YA Contemporary Romance

Summary: Izzy finds a clue about her father’s identity which leads to her discovery that she’s a princess. She goes to Japan to meet him but she’s also forced to take a crash course in everything it takes to be an active part of the Japanese royal family.

Likes: Akio is so grumpy, especially at the beginning and it made me laugh. Izzy and her friends were also very funny. I felt for her right away. I could sympathize. Plus the complexity of the emotional situation was always taken into account. People are human. Also, I liked the Japanese cultural tidbits and how Izzy has to navigate all of it in America and then in Japan.

Dislikes: I feel like she should have gotten more information about current politics in Japan.

Overall I enjoyed this a lot and I’m tempted to buy it and reread it.

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