Review: A Psalm for the Wild-Built

A Psalm for the Wild-Built

by Becky Chambers

Tor, 2021

Adult Science Fiction Novella

Summary: Dex is a tea monk travelling to different places until it isn’t enough for them. They decide that they will go off route to an abandoned hermitage in the wild. In the midst of this journey they meet Mosscap a wild robot.

Likes: There’s tea and that was so much fun. I also liked that Dex wasn’t good at first and needed to learn and try. I can also relate to the burn-out they feel that leads them into the wilderness and understand going into nature to try and recalibrate. Mosscap and Dex also challenge each other.

Dislikes: I wasn’t sure about this book at first but I trust Becky Chambers and I am glad I did because by chapter two I was invested. I also nearly cried a couple times.

Overall I am excited for the sequel.

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