Friday Reads: Magical Readathon Begins!

We aren’t that far into September so I’m not that far into these books but I’d still like to write about them.

I also accidentally brushed the next volume of Karneval on my ereader so I ended up reading that today too. Gareki is so sassy and Nai is so adorable. It is quite dense though. There’s a lot going on and a heap of characters to keep track of.

But back to the books I planned to read today. Speaking of sassy, Tahereh Mafi’s A Very Large Expanse of Sea is so good. She’s clever and imaginative and this book has personal stuff in it too.

Wonton Terror by Vivien Chien and Dark Waters by Katherine Arden are sequels so I won’t go into them too much. But already I’m loving the food mentions.

The Winter Sea is my reread by Susanna Kearsley. So far it feels like I’m slipping into something familiar but I’ve forgotten enough of it that it still feels a little fresh.

What are you reading this weekend?

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