(Altnerative title: All That Glitters)

by Gita Trelease

Flatiron Books, 2019

YA Historical Fantasy

Summary: Camille and Sophie are in harder and harder conditions. Their father’s printing business went under because he started printing revolutionary pamphlets on the side and his aristocratic clients were not happy when they found out. Then their parents die of the plague and Alain, their older brother, turns more and more to gambling and alcohol. In desperation, Camille turns to her mother’s magical artifacts to help them but they require a heavy price to work.

Likes: The setting contrasts were so sharp. We get where Sophie and Camille versus Versailles in massive contrast. The details were never oppressive. Fashion and food all contributed to showing this period especially foreshadowing the transitions to come. Vicomte de Séguin is a rather vicious villain. I was also with Camille on how complicated things got because she got pulled in multiple directions. She’s moving between classes because of magic. She has friends entangled in multiple issues. Besides the magic, which I also found interesting. I also love Lazare and their romance is part of what kept me on the edge of my seat.

Dislikes: Camille and Sophie have some really bad communication issues as we get closer to the climax. It was frustrating.

Overall I want to read the next book but I’m a little scared. We end on a high note with this book but history shows us that things go downhill from here. But I want to see what the characters do.

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