A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking

by T. Kingfisher

Red Wombat Studio, 2020

YA Fantasy

Summary: Mona has a particular magical gift for bread and she is perfectly happy to be working at her Aunt Tabitha’s bakery. But then one morning she walks in to find a dead body.

Likes: Kingfisher is witty. I found myself laughing throughout. But also there are deeper issues being addressed. The supporting cast is awesome. Bob the carnivorous sourdough starter is fabulous. I also like Knackering Molly and Spindle.

Dislikes: The Spring Green Man was not a complex villain.

Overall this was an interesting one. Parts of it read more like a middle grade fantasy adventure but there are also darker elements that fill this world out and the character is a mature fourteen. It was a lot of fun and deep.

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