Review: The Spy

The Spy

4th book in the Kingmakers series

by Sophie Lark


Adult Romance

Summary: Not spoiling this might be tricky. A lot of mysterious things throughout the series are revealed in this book. The first big reveal is the identity of “the spy.” The romance is complicated because they want to be themselves but they can’t ruin the plan.

Likes: It wasn’t a huge surprise which person is the spy, clues happen throughout but who the spy really is and why they are hiding was unexpected. I did like the romance but we didn’t get as much time with it because we were getting more in this volume. We get some flashbacks with a different character from one of the previous series. (Glad I read their romance before reading this, it was fun seeing them again.)

Dislikes: Of the four books this romance had the least development but it also had more moving parts and other fun elements.

Overall I’m so glad this last book delivered. I can say I enjoyed the whole series and I do want to go back and read it again. (Maybe in December when it’s cold and dark.) As of this moment, the first book is still my favorite but I liked all of them.

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