Nice Dragons Finish Last

by Rachel Aaron


Adult Fantasy

Summary: Julius gets kicked out of his family home. (His mother wants him to start proving himself in the real world. But Julius struggles to be the type of dragon his mother wants him to be. He’s nice and he wants to be friends with humans.) In the new future version of Detroit, Julius meets Marcie, a mage on the run from the mobster who killed her father. They decide to join forces to find a person who may not want to be found.

Likes: I love Julius and Marcie. They are thrust into nasty circumstances and I was rooting for them to win from the start. I also found this version of our future world really interesting. It is a futuristic world but not just because of technological advances. Magic is a huge part of everything whether characters are magical or not. Justin is a fun brother. He and Julius are different but Justin genuinely cares.

Dislikes: I’m conflicted about Bob. He’s a seer, so right away I’m wary because then we have discussions of time, free will versus fate. But it’s also hard to say how much he cares or doesn’t care. He’s a genius but also he’s thinking on a plane beyond anyone else.

Overall I enjoyed this start to the series. I don’t know how soon I’ll get to the next book but I want to read it.

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