Review: The Bully

The Bully

3rd in the Kingmakers series

by Sophie Lark


Adult Romance

Summary: Dean knows Cat’s big secret and he tells her he’ll only keep it if she does everything he says, regardless of what it is.

Likes: Dean has been on a journey this series so far. I loved seeing how far he’s come and then seeing him go further. It was good seeing him do the internal work with Snow and Cat’s help. I also loved seeing Snow in this. I haven’t read his book yet but I kind of want to now. He was a really good teacher, boxing and life. I wasn’t sure about the start to this relationship but I like how it develops, the first big competitive event was a good illustration of the shift between them, and then how it works closer to the end where he has to prove his real feelings.

Dislikes: Since the conflict of this one is more internal for Dean it makes sense why there isn’t a strong antagonist. But I missed having one a little. At first I was really hesitant about this pairing and how it starts.

Overall of the three books so far I liked this romance the least but I still really liked this installment.

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