Review: The Rebel

The Rebel

Kingmakers 2

by Sophie Lark


Adult Romance

Summary: Zoe is trapped in a marriage contract with a horrible person. And even though he shouldn’t, Miles falls for her anyway.

Likes: I liked getting Zoe and Miles’ perspectives. I sympathized with Zoe right away and I wanted the two of them to win. Rocco was a great antagonist because I firmly wanted to see him lose. I also liked seeing Cat, Zoe’s sister, grow as a person. And it was fun to see Anna and Leo from the first book even if we don’t get their perspectives. There were also some unexpected and violent twists in here.

Dislikes: I’m not sure about the setup for the romance in the next book. It might not work for me.

Overall I really liked this second book! I’m afraid of the third one but I’m also eager to get to it because the fourth book coming out this week is so mysterious. I want all the information I can get before it drops.

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