Review: Stolen Heir

Stolen Heir

Brutal Birthright book 2

by Sophie Lark


Adult Romance

Summary: To get back at the Griffins and Gallos for murdering his father figure, Mikolaj kidnaps Nessa and tries to use her as a pawn. But the tables turn when they start to fall for each other.

Overall this is a tricky one because I hadn’t planned on reading this one until it was spoiled for me in The Heir. I’m a sucker for a beauty and the beast retelling. But also I was willing to go along for the ride because I knew what Mikolaj goes through for Nessa in the end. And there are conditions he is willing to accept to make sure that she is truly consenting to a romantic relationship with him eventually. But things got really blurry in the initial stages. I will say that this was a book I finished very quickly. I was engaged early and it didn’t let me go until the end. I liked it better than the first book in this series.

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