Review: Leo Loves Aries

Leo Loves Aries

by Anyta Sunday


Adult Romance

Summary: Theo and Leone are siblings with a challenge. They both need dates to their exs’ wedding. When they get a new roommate, who was also Theo’s tutor for a previous class, things get even more complicated.

Likes: I like how Theo and Jamie’s relationship progresses eventually. They have a witty bantering dynamic and then their friendship really develops as they spend time together. I also like Leone and Theo’s sibling relationship. They trust and care about each other. And it was fun seeing Jamie’s family and Theo’s family too. The activities were fun too, like rollerskating and pizza.

Dislikes: There was a point where I was worried that the relationship wouldn’t develop. Glad I stuck it out.

Overall I did enjoy this one. I thought it was funny and cute. I probably will read from this author again.

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