Brutal Prince

by Sophie Lark

Adult Romance

Summary: Aida Gallo and Callum Griffin come from two families who have generational conflict. And after a couple damaging events the two families decide that the two need to have a truce and Aida and Callum have to get married. Neither of them is thrilled but they don’t have a choice.

Likes: I liked Aida most of the time. She’s a wild child raised by brothers. Plus she’s smart and knows who she is. I also like how she and Nessa interacted. They are different people but they got along really well.

Dislikes: I was never into Callum.

Overall I didn’t like this one as much as Ivan by the same author but I didn’t hate it. I might still try other books in this series. But I’ve decided to skip to the first book in the third series that has characters related to people from the other two.

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