Review: Shaman King Vol. 1

Shaman King, Vol. 1

by Hiroyuki Takei

Kodansha Comics, 2020

Summary: Manta takes a shortcut through the cemetery one night and accidentally meets Yoh, a teenager training to be a shaman. When he goes to school the next day, Yoh is the newest transfer student.

Likes: Manta’s enthusiasm is funny and infectious. Yoh is very chill so he and Manta balance out. The two together ground things really well too. I also love Amidamaru plus we get his backstory. The gang running around town trying to find their happy place is funny. The ghosts throughout are predominantly funny.

Dislikes: The characters and worldbuilding stands out so far but this plot is a fairly straightforward one. Yoh is attempting to be the best, a fairly typical shonen thing.

Overall I remember reading this forever ago and not being that into it. So glad I tried it again now. I really liked it this time so I’m not sure what my problem was… I’m definitely in the mood for supernatural and paranormal stuff.

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