Imyril at There’s Always Room for One More is hosting the readalong and Mayri at Book Forager is presenting this week’s questions.

This post has spoilers for Chapter 36 to the end!

What are your thoughts and feelings on the nature of constructs?

Oh wow, constructs are interesting and terrifying. And we haven’t gotten all the information. Especially with the big reveals at the end about the Emperor’s lab and Thrana’s presence. Plus Sand and the other occupants of the island being constructs. And Lin has Jovis’ wife’s eyes. There are also differences between constructs. Some seem to be just the programming in the shards but others seem to have personalities. Lin clearly wasn’t aware she was made of other parts and bone shard programming.

Lin has learned why she was made. Reactions?

Maybe we’ll learn more about the Emperor and the original Nisong as Lin reads through his notebooks. (I do keep thinking about Godchild by Kaori Yuki but I don’t want to spoil that series for people. It’s amazing and one of my favorite manga series of all time.) So the Emperor wasn’t really trying to create heirs, he wants to keep being in control. Which does confuse me a little because he seemed sort of tired of it all. Maybe he’s just a massive control freak. Was he convinced that he was the only one who could handle an imminent Alanga threat?

Predictions about what is coming? Do you think the Alanga are really a threat?

I do want to know more about the Alanga. We are definitely not getting the whole story. Jovis hints that there were good and bad Alanga rulers. Once again, hopefully the notebooks will help with the Alanga stuff. I’m wondering if the constructs were used because Alanga magic affects regular people but not constructs.

Sand, she has memories of being Nisong but she’s also a construct. What does it all mean?

I did not expect that at all. I thought the Emperor dismantled his failed experiments, I had no idea he was keeping them on an island. So many questions there. Maybe he couldn’t bring himself to destroy even copies of Nisong? Or maybe he could use them for parts still? Or they were early projects that taught him something?

Jovis and Mephi meet Lin and Thrana. What are your theories on Mephi and Thrana? Also on the Emperor’s lab and what he was using Thrana for?

Oh man, I have such high expectations for these notebooks being full of answers to things. Which may be a bit unrealistic. I’m also excited about all the potential conflicts that have been set up. I predict that Sand and the Shardless Few will both be opponents to Lin because I think Sand and Gio are going to want a form of power and they aren’t just going to let Lin rule. I am hoping to get more from Ranami and Phalue as hopefully they start interacting with Lin in some way. I’m also super excited for Jovis and Lin to be together. There is so much potential there. I also think that the Emperor/Bayan construct still in the pool is going to be a problem. It seems like Thrana’s blood was part of the Emperor and Nisong clone project. (I am also thinking of Duncan Idaho’s many versions over the course of the Dune series and how it is such a big deal when his memories emerge due to a traumatic catalyst for the first time.)

3 thoughts on “The Bone Shard Daughter Readalong, Week 4

  1. I hadn’t even thought of all the notebooks in the palace but now that you say it I’m sure both Lin and Jovis will spend some time in the library reading up about either the emperor or the Alanga. I really hope so, at least!

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