The readalong is hosted by Imyril at There’s Always Room for One More and the questions are presented by Lisa at Dear Geek Place.

Spoilers for chapters 24 through 35!

Sand seems to be organizing a rebellion but against what?

It seems like something holding Sand back is breaking and they can’t go back. If I’m right about her being Jovis’ wife, I think this critical thinking is part of her personality. Also, she can infer that their memories weren’t taken away for good reasons therefore there’s something nefarious going on. She wants more information and to put things the way they should be.

What do you think Ranami and Phalue’s future is? Are either of them right here?

Phalue’s dad is definitely wrong and I have doubts about Gio. Something has to be done for sure. That system isn’t right and it should be dismantled.

“Fanatics were all alike, cut from the same cloth and dyed different colors.” Do you think this assessment of Gio by Jovis is accurate? And do you think it only applies to Gio?

Directly he’s talking about Gio but Jovis has mentioned how he doesn’t like it when people do things for a specific cause but without rational thought. It could also be argued that he thinks his search for his wife might be fanatical.

Speaking of Jovis, is his power connected to Mephi or is something else going on?

Mephi getting sick does seem to be linked with Jovis losing his powers.

“I lived in a dollhouse of my father’s making, a living graveyard.” A truth about Bayan and Lin is revealed after a massacre; how do you feel about this particular twist? And what do you think the Emperor’s goal might be?

The Emperor needs an heir (or needs to live forever somehow) and it sounds like he can’t have one the normal way anymore so he had to create options. With Bayan and Lin he has two options he can work with. I did suspect Lin of being a construct but I didn’t suspect Bayan. I thought his story checked out but I was definitely under the impression that the Emperor has trust and control issues.

What do you make of Ilith’s bone shard commands? Do you think she might prove to be a wild card?

That they were in clusters is very interesting. Also, the tidbit about every command needing to balance or the construct falls apart makes sense to me.

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