This readalong is hosted by Imyril at There’s Always Room for One More and they did the questions this week.

Spoilers for chapters 12 through 23!

Jovis has begun to show strange new strengths since escaping Deerhead Island. What do you think is going on?

I’m curious if Mephi is connected to the Alanga and then somehow that situation is connected to Jovis. I’m not really expecting the Alanga to come back but I am expecting that there are items and such that they left behind that might play a role in the conflict.

What is your understanding of whitstone, and the strange effect it has on Mephi?

I’ve been thinking of it as magical coal. It helps propel the boat forward but it has nasty environmental effects that Mephi is picking up?

Lin attends two rather different – and rather awkward – family dinners. Why do you think her father invited her to eat with him? What do you make of Bayan now?

So here’s my theory, which I’m afraid is too obvious to be true, Lin is a construct created from her own body and multiple shards from the people that the blue-sailed ship takes including Sand (who I also suspect of being Jovis’ wife). Regardless it feels like her father knows more than he is letting on. He is also deliberately pitting the two of them against each other and dinner is a way to get them in contact under his supervision. I do find myself wanting to know more about the Emperor. I don’t like what I’m seeing at all but I still want more of an understanding.

What do you make of the rebel plan and the deal they offer Jovis? Do you trust them to deliver what they’ve promised? How do you think Phalue will react to their plan?

The price does not seem worth the job. They want him to kill people. I can see why there is a strain in Phalue’s relationship. I’m not sure how they got to a point where she is okay completely overthrowing her father.

7 thoughts on “The Bone Shard Daughter Readalong Week 2

  1. Ooh, interesting thought on linking Lin with that island.

    I’m now wondering if that island is where they take people to erase their memories, then implant bone shards to give them new identities.

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