Wyrd and Wonder: Desert Island Reads

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Wyrd and Wonder is hosted by Imyril of There’s Always Room for One More.

The Rules

Desert Island Discs – the classic BBC radio show that inspired this post – allows players to take eight musical tracks (not albums!), a single book (plus the complete works of Shakespeare and the Bible or a more appropriate religious / philosophical book of choice as a freebie) and a random ‘luxury’ item to make island life bearable.

For Desert Island Reads, Imyril is switching things up. Castaways may have:

  • Eight (audio)books – your Desert Island Reads float ashore in a watertight chest, phew!
    • If you want to take a series, each book in it counts as one of your eight unless a collected edition has been published. So Temeraire would be all your books; The Lord of the Rings could be just one (rather heavy) book
    • No, you can’t have a fully-loaded ebook reader. Nice try.
  • A podcast, TV show, or movie – for when you really can’t read any more
    • If you choose Podcast / TV show: yes, you get all the episodes / seasons
    • If you choose Movie: since I’m being lenient, yes this can be a series / franchise
  • One thing you just can’t do without
    • A favorite food, something comforting, a touch of luxury – this can be pretty much whatever you like, so long as it’s inanimate, can’t help you escape or communicate with the outside world, and doesn’t require electricity or internet connectivity
    • Bonus: you can listen to audiobooks / podcasts or watch your TV show / movie (on some magical waterproof device that doesn’t need power and has very limited storage, shh)
    • Don’t worry: you already have access to any medication you require to manage medical conditions, plus a well-stocked first aid kit

Eight Books

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J. K. Rowling (I wrote a post about this a while back.)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling (I agonized about including another Harry Potter book on the list but this one is my favorite.)

There is an ebook version bind-up of Kushiel’s Dart, Kushiel’s Chosen, and Kushiel’s Avatar by Jacqueline Carey and I’m taking advantage of that.

Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (I’ve reread this one and enjoyed it even more.)

Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop (If I can only have one book from the Black Jewels series, I will make it my favorite.)

The five books in the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger (a hard choice because I love the Custard Protocol series and a bunch of the novellas but these come in an ebook bind-up).

Now for the most agonizing portion… which Tanith Lee books do I bring?

The four installments of The Secret Books of Paradys come in a physical or an ebook bind-up option so that must join me.

The first two Secret Books of Venus come in a bind-up (old but it exists). (Saint Fire, the second book, is my favorite. Faces Under Water is my next favorite.)

One Show or Movie

I spent the most time agonizing over this one (because I can only choose one and I have four or five fantasy shows and tons of movies that I would struggle to do without).

As of posting this: I’m choosing BBC’s Merlin.

One thing I can’t do without

Another difficult debate but I don’t want to go without chai lattes. (I will definitely miss my blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, and matcha lattes, various green teas though.)

3 thoughts on “Wyrd and Wonder: Desert Island Reads

  1. Goblet of Fire’s my favourite too – I think I’d have that and Chamber of Secrets, because it makes me laugh the most. Merlin’s a great pick!

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