by Ellen Hopkins

Simon Pulse, 2007

YA Contemporary

Summary: Told in verse, we follow three teenagers in a facility for people dealing with advanced mental health issues. Connor seems to have a perfect life but he shoots himself in the chest. Tony depends on drugs and then takes too many. Vanessa tries to come to terms with her mental issues that she saw a version of in her mom but cuts too deep.

Likes: I like poetry used this way. It expresses their thoughts and feelings well. The characters are flawed but I loved the three of them right away.

Dislikes: Connor’s parents and his sister, Tony’s mom

Overall it has been a while since I read an Ellen Hopkins book. But I was finally drawn to this one after it had been sitting on my shelf for years. This was a hard book to read because there are things with all three characters that hit me hard personally so I could empathize and I was rooting for them to succeed. The ending hit me like a truck. You see it coming but… it hurts anyway.

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