A Game of Fox and Squirrels

by Jenn Reese

Henry Holt and Company, 2020

Middle Grade Magical Realism?

Summary: Samantha and her sister go to stay with their aunt after an incident at home leaves Caitlin with a broken arm. Sam starts to play a game with the charming fox, Ashander, not realizing the price she might have to pay.

Likes: This book is such an intuitive look at how abusive relationships can impact someone even after they’ve been removed from the situation and how they might attempt to process all of it. Sam’s relationship with her sister and parents is complicated and the way she interacts with the characters of the game illuminates that. Aunt Vicky is the best aunt and Hannah is an awesome partner.

Dislikes: Two betrayals by woodland animals during the forest adventure.

Overall I can see why this is a finalist for the Andre Norton Award. It is so good. The author is using fiction to illustrate a situation and the main character is using it to try and process what happened.

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