Read As Thou Wilt: Kushiel’s Chosen Week Five

This readalong is hosted by Imyril and they are presenting the questions this week!

Spoilers for chapters 56 through 70 ahead.

What did you make of Phèdre’s interventions to save Kazan – first from the kríavbhog and then from the thetalos? Do you think he deserved it? 

Kazan is not my favorite character but I’ve never thought of him as the bad guy. He did fish Phèdre out of the ocean and when the Serenissimans were clearly going to kill her, not just take her into custody, he risked his life and his men to save her. I think it’s this last thing that makes Phèdre decide to save him from the kríavbhog. Besides learning why Kazan’s mother cursed him. She doesn’t feel like he deserves to die because of what happened to his brother and he did carry that weight around for years before the thetalos. I understand why she decided to save him during the thetalos. All the stuff above but also that she was stuck in a prison with people going mad and she couldn’t bear to hear another person lose it.

Reunited! Do you think this separation will be enough to bind Joscelin and Phèdre together in future – if they survive?

That reunion scene still makes me happy. Also when she sees that Ti-Philippe is still alive. Such a good moment. There are a lot of parts that contribute. Both of them have had time to reflect on their actions and feelings. Phèdre also was forced to reflect because of her interference in the thetalos and it’s something she wasn’t absolved of, she has to carry it around. It’s also like when they were with the Skaldi, Joscelin understands in a way others can’t. Phèdre is able to tell him about the plot to kill Ysandre and Benedict’s marriage to Melisande and Joscelin gets how bad it all is.

Omygoodness, we’re almost done with the book…

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