Small Spaces

by Katherine Arden

G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2018

Middle Grade Supernatural

Summary: Ollie goes on a field trip to a farm. The woman who owns it is the same one she stole a book from earlier that week. On the way back home their bus breaks down, the mist descends, and the bus driver warns them that someone is coming for them. Ollie and two other students run away from the bus and into the forest.

Likes: I loved Ollie right away. She has a lot of attitude and vulnerability. It makes things interesting, especially when things get so intense later. I also like how relationships develop between the three of them before they leave the bus and then as they deal with everything that happens. This was also so delightfully creepy. Also food.

Dislikes: This will be good at any time of the year but I kind of wish I’d gotten to it in the fall because that is clearly the season evoked throughout.

Overall I enjoyed this a lot. This was fast-paced and adventurous plus it had depth. This was very much about what it means to be human, what we fear and how we connect. I recommend it.

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