Read As Thou Wilt: Kushiel’s Chosen Week 4

The Kushiel’s Chosen readathon is hosted by Imyril and the questions are presented by Mayri at Book Forager.

Spoilers ahead!

What are your thoughts/feelings on Phèdre’s escape from La Dolorosa? Specifically, how do you feel about her decision to accept Melisande’s offer, Tito and Joscelin’s roles in her escape, and the vow she made to Asherat? (Along with anything else you want to add).

Even though I know what happens, I still felt emotional. Joscelin trying to save her was amazing and tragic because she gets knocked off a cliff and then knocked out to sea. Her decision to take Melisande’s offer was a hard decision. But I think it’s good that she considered for an extended period of time. There is logic to the choice. As risky as it would be, she’d have had more of a chance to escape or communicate than if she stayed at La Dolorosa. I thought it was interesting that she literally reached out to every god while she was drowning. And it is a promise that Phèdre wants to fulfill. The blasphemy affects her too because she’s sensitive to the spiritual stuff even if they aren’t her gods.

Pirates! A dragon! A secret island! Woo! What do you make of pirate captain Kazan Atrabiades? And how do you feel about his ‘relationship’ with Phèdre?

I’m conflicted about him. I’m not going to be too fond of him ever because he did take Phèdre as a hostage and then he demanded a deal to get an urgent message and then he lied to her about getting through. But I sympathized with his story about his brother and his out of order grammar constructions. He also clearly cares about his people.

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