Beastars, Vol. 2

by Paru Itagaki

VIZ Signature Edition, 2019

Summary: The drama club is putting on a show. And Legoshi may not be able to stay behind the scenes.

Likes: Louis has an interesting power struggle. He wants to play the leading role but he’s also injured. He’s a dominant personality but he’s an herbivore. I also love that Legoshi says no to something he’s not actually ready for and he’s a gentleman about it.

Dislikes: Holy mackeral on toast, Bill. He takes over for a role and someone else takes over his role and they fight on stage because of a decision he makes (and the roles call for it but they take it to a very real level). But I also love the character interaction. Dislike Bill but love the scenes.

Overall this was a really intense volume and I want to read the next one. But I’m also scared to. What’s going to happen with all of these strong but dysfunctional personalities?

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