Review: Poisoned


by Jennifer Donnelly

Scholastic Press, 2020

YA Fantasy

Summary: Sophie’s heart has been stolen by the King of Crows. Unfortunately her stepmother also seizes the throne. Sophie must get her heart back to save herself but she also has to get her kingdom back to save her people.

Slander a king, and the slanderer will lose his head. Slander a queen, and the queen will lose hers.

pg. 38

Likes: Arno, the thief, is a particular treasure. He’s funny but also gives perspective to Sophie when she needs it.

Dislikes: The prologue is a flash forward, a pet peeve of mine.

It’s the unhappy people who get things done.

pg. 183

Overall comparing it to Stepsister, the two come out even. The beginning is more solid and I like our main character more right from the beginning. I also thought it was more obvious right away why these gods were getting involved with Sophie. She was meant to rule. But this had a far less satisfying ending. Generously it felt like a draw.

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