Claymore, Vol. 1

by Norihiro Yagi

Shonen Jump Advanced, 2011

Summary: Clare is part of an organization that kills yoma. Their strength and weakness is that they are also part yoma. Clare’s weapon is a claymore which is why outsiders call members of her organization Claymores.

“Tears… It seems what’s left of your brother is shedding tears. Sweet, isn’t it?”


Likes: This is such a good introductory volume. We meet Clare and watch her do her main job of killing yoma. But we also see another part of her job is to kill members of her order if they feel like their yoma half is taking over. There’s a lot of good world-building done efficiently. One of my favorite art sequences involves Clare killing a flying yoma. The art stands out in general. Its style is distinct.

Dislikes: Clare doesn’t seem to care but I feel bad that she has little to no privacy with her organization.

Overall I am so excited to dive into this series. I watched the anime forever ago and barely remember it (it’s also possible I didn’t finish it). So I plan on reading this whole series. It’s weird to say that this volume made me feel good because a lot of tragic and violent stuff happens but I trust the creator to take me on a ride. The characterization and world-building is just so solid.

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