Rent a Boyfriend

by Gloria Chao

Simon and Schuster, 2020

YA Contemporary Romance

Summary: Chloe’s parents want her to marry a person she doesn’t like because he’s rich and can provide for her and can give her family a lot of perks. But he’s also a horrible person which is why Chloe rejects him. Her parents won’t listen so she desperately rents a boyfriend for the holidays. But things get complicated when they start to fall for each other for real.

Likes: I love that Drew is more than willing to defend Chloe but also lets her take the lead and provides support. It helps her in the immediate situations and it helps her even when he isn’t around. The sheep. A bunch of the food sounded good. Some of the food was hilariously bad.

Dislikes: Some of the things Chloe’s parents said were so horrible.

Overall I did like this more than American Panda. I liked the romance more in addition to going into the complexity of Asian American communities and some of the toxic pressure that can be put on people. I’m also glad I got to read it this month because a lot of it happens between Thanksgiving and Lunar New Year.

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