Trading in Danger

by Elizabeth Moon

Del Rey, 2003

Adult Science Fiction

Summary: Kylara Vatta’s family runs a multiple-planet shipping business but she wants a military career. She works hard and does well until one mistake gets her kicked out of the academy. Her family decides to send her on an easy run as captain of a ship that is ready to be retired with an experienced crew to give things time to die down. But things get complicated when Ky decides to take on an unplanned contract.

Likes: I love that Kylara’s military training comes in handy. She is so cool. But she also has a couple flaws and isn’t perfect. I like that she reflects on that. She questions what she wants to do in the future as well. It keeps me wanting to read.

Dislikes: Sometimes the crew blurred together. I hope we get more characterization for them moving forward.

Overall I put the next book on hold because I want to know what’s next. (This didn’t end on a cliffhanger but there is clearly more coming.) I’m excited to see what adventures they’ll have next.

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